Detoxing has taken hold as a safe and healthy way to rid your body of unwanted contaminants and stay at the peak of health. More and more people are including these cleansing programs as part of their regular health and wellness program. So, how do you know if you need to embark upon a detox? Here we will look at 10 signs that you might benefit from a detox.

Sign #1: Chronic Headaches

Plenty of American adults complain of constant nagging headaches. Maybe you think the underlying cause is stress or allergies, what you might not know is that the real cause is the toxins in your body. When you store up a collection of unwanted chemicals like artificial sweeteners, MSG and a number of headache inducing substances you can experience chronic headaches.  If you suffer from headaches on a regular basis it might be time to find a high quality detox program.


Sign #2: Constant Fatigue

Another sign that a detox should be in your future is persistent fatigue. While some level of feeling tired during the day is not abnormal for busy, stressed out adults, with the right diet and exercise it should be minimal. Many people who are struck by daily exhaustion could strongly benefit from expelling the toxins in their bodies. By choosing the right detox and sticking to it, you can end up feeling energized and ready to tackle the day.


Sign #3: Joint Pain

Joint pain can be caused by a number of illnesses and chronic conditions. However, many people experience joint pain or stiffness and are unaware that the pollutants in their bodies are the underlying cause. Several studies have found that a build up of the toxin uric acid can lead to pain and stiffness in joints. Beginning a detox is a great way to eliminate unwanted toxins and see improvement in mobility and flexibility.


Sign #4: Constipation or Diarrhea

Things that linger in our bodies very commonly cause digestive upsets of all kinds. If you battle things like constipation or diarrhea there is a very good chance that a detox can help steer you towards better belly health. A detox will help get rid of the chemicals, ingredients and substances that can adhere to our digestive track and wreak havoc.


Sign #5: Difficulty Sleeping

Did you know that sleep is one of the most important factors in our ability to detox each day?  When our sleep is impacted, our ability to naturally detox dwindles. This is why people who are having trouble with insomnia or other sleep issues can greatly benefit from a detox. Removing toxins from our bodies can help jump-start the healthy brain waves that we need to get our much-needed rest.


Sign #6: Skin Problems

One of the most prevalent signs that you need to detox is a problem with your skin. Acne and other skin issues have long been attributed to toxins within the body. A 2015 article published at stated how acne is caused by an inability to properly detox the body and that, “you have a limited supply of antioxidants. You can only direct them to so many places. The better your body detoxes, the more efficiently it can help you not just become much healthier but also help clear your skin.”  This helps us to better understand that detoxing our bodies will help to clear up what underlies many skin issues.


Sign #7: Problems with Concentration

Is maintaining concentration a regular struggle? Do you find yourself heading to the world of daydream more often than you should? While you might chock this lack of concentration up to simple boredom, there might be more to it. One of the signs that you have a buildup of toxins in your body is your wandering mind. The harder your body has to work to expel the toxins within, the harder it will be to concentrate. If you are experiencing long-term difficulty with holding your concentration, you might need to detox. By removing the unwanted things remaining in your body you can be on your way to a vastly improved mental state.


Sign #8: Sinus Congestion

In recent years a number of chronic sinus sufferers stumbled upon a hidden gem. People who participated in detox programs for other reasons found that during the process their long-term sinus issues disappeared. This led experts to take a look at whether detoxing can help with your sinuses. They found that indeed detoxing helped a high percentage of people with chronic sinus congestion, infections and other sinus issues.


Sign #9: Heartburn

If chronic heartburn is part of your daily life you have likely turned to either prescription or OTC medications to treat the pain and burning symptoms. Did you know that a detox could help minimize symptoms naturally? Many experts on Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD know that heartburn is caused by leakage of acids in the stomach into the esophagus and throat, which causes the pain and burning. What they have recently learned is that by beginning a detox program you can minimize this mechanism and drastically reduce symptoms of GERD without the need for medication.


Sign #10: Bloating

Many Americans have a tendency to carry extra weight around their mid-section. These extra pounds often hide a secret danger – bloating. For many people their belly issues stem from bloat rather than fat. Fortunately detoxing is a great way to get rid of belly bloating. If you are someone that continually struggles with belly bloating, it is one of the top signs that a detox might be warranted. An effective detox program will eliminate the toxins that lead to belly bloat and help you achieve your goals.


If you can say yes to some of all of these then it is time to consider a detox program. Detoxing is a safe and effective way to boost your health and be on the path to a better just. Just be certain to find a detox program that has proven results.

David Block

CEO at Previnex
David’s passion for optimal health, wellness, and prevention started as a research analyst covering the industry. David specialized in nutritional supplements, pouring over clinical studies, touring manufacturing facilities, and immersing himself in the supplement and wellness industry on all levels. He developed a passion for the industry and educating people, and became driven to start Previnex. Previnex is a prevention-based health and wellness company committed to using science, clinically-tested ingredients and going above and beyond the testing and production standards required to bring to life nutritional supplements products of unparalleled quality, safety, and effectiveness.
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