3 Reasons Your Supplement Needs to be Pharmaceutical Grade

3 Reasons Your Supplement Needs to be Pharmaceutical Grade

Have you ever found yourself standing in the aisle at a national chain pharmacy, big box store, or vitamin store trying to decide which supplement is right for you? Has your doctor told you to start taking fish oil and you find yourself at a big box wholesaler looking for somebody to get informed and truthful advice from? Have you ever been watching TV and a commercial comes on claiming that “this” is the supplement that will work for you and you start wondering, “Should I be taking that”?

With all these questions, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed, but there is only one real question you should be asking yourself.

Do you really know what’s in those supplements at these national retail chains, and what health benefits are they actually providing?

How do you decide which ones are right for you?

According to a recent New York Times article, most retailers don’t know what’s in the supplements they’re selling to the public. On February 2, 2015 the New York state attorney general’s office accused four national retailers of selling dietary supplements that were fraudulent and in many cases contaminated with unlisted ingredients.

So, the reality is that no one really knows what’s in retail chain supplements. In many cases, not only do those products not provide the positive health benefits they claim. They can actually be contaminated with ingredients that may be harmful to your health!

This begs the ultimate question, how do you find supplements that will positively benefit your health and are also free of dangerous contaminants?

The biggest key to ensuring a supplement provides the health benefits you’re looking for is to ensure those supplements are Pharmaceutical Grade. Pharmaceutical Grade supplements adhere to the same production standards as prescription drugs. Why this is so important and what does that mean for you and your health?

Here are 3 reasons why your supplements need to be Pharmaceutical Grade<