3 Supplements For Acne, Wrinkles And Redness That Dermatologists Swear By

Rather than waiting to treat skin problems as they arise, one doctor is now recommending a proactive treatment using dietary supplements. Leslie Baumann, M.D (a dermatologist) recommends patients take dietary supplements to help the over all quality of their skin. Dr. Baumann notes that additional nutritional supplements are not detrimental to health and may even be beneficial. Dr Baumann has three suggestions for treating skin redness, inflammation, and wrinkles.

Her first suggestion is that patients take a supplement of omega 3 fatty acids (commonly found in fish oil) to help redness and inflammation of the skin.

If concerned about wrinkles, Dr. Baumann suggests that a dietary supplement of vitamin C could be helpful. Not only does vitamin C help in reducing redness, it helps to promote the body in making collagen which is important in rejuvenating your skin.

Redness in the skin or sun damage can be treated with a “sunpill” (Xenacare). This is a plant based product and contains anti-oxidants.

These natural materials will help your skin to clear up quickly. While not the usual advice one gets from a dermatologist, Dr. Baunmann’s ideas treat the patient with nutrition rather than pharmacology. This may be welcome news to those looking to reduce the amount of chemicals they ingest.

Key Points:

  • 1Vitamins and supplements are a good way to try and treat and prevent skin issues.
  • 2Not only can supplements clean up issues like redness, but they can also improve your skin in other ways.
  • 3Supplements can assist with redness, wrinkles, and skin elasticity by providing the skin with nutrients.

But, instead of trying to take care of your skin when trouble arises, prevent it by taking supplements!

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