4 Easy Ways To Cut Sugar Cravings For Good

There are several ways to help you cut your sugar cravings so you can be lean for life.

One of the best ways for me is to never be hungry. With each meal I try to eat some protein and fat as well as some fiber. When I stay full my blood sugar does not drop and I do not feel the need to snack or eat any bad sugary items. When you are satiated you do not grab the baklava or cake. It keeps me lean and healthy.

You can also take a glutamine supplement that will  help tackle those sugar cravings. It is widely available  health stores. It is an easy fix to help with those ice cream cravings at night. I suggest in addition to glutamine you also adjust your lifestyle by replacing sugary items like ice cream and chocolate syrup with Greek yogurt and berries.

You also need to quit using sugar as your pick me up when your depressed. Or as a  treat after a long day. Sugar kills you if you eat too much. It is not healthy for you.

Take a chromium supplement in order to maintain blood sugar levels. When you crave sugar you get hungry and boom you are more likely to eat sugar. I lost over 50 pounds and got very skinny by keeping my blood sugar level stable at all times. Also I learned to replace my cravings for sugar with healthier choices.

Key Points:

  • 1Sugar cravings can result from a lack of protein and fat in the diet.
  • 2Taking the amino acid Glutamine, available in health food stores, may help in reducing sugar cravings.
  • 3Chromium is a nutrient that helps control blood sugar levels and may aid in reducing cravings.

Sugar is an unhealthy toxin that will make you fat and increase your chances of getting sick.

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