4 Health Reasons For Getting Gray Hairs In Your 20s

Gray hairs are something that people normally start to see in their 50s, but a fortunate (or more appropriately, unfortunate) few can see gray hairs develop as early as their twenties. The factors that cause these premature gray hairs are not completely understood, but the reason for the change in color is known. The color of our hair comes from a pigment and as we get older, our bodies do not produce as much of that pigment, leading to a lack of color in some hairs. A big part of the graying is linked to genetics, however, scientists do not exactly know which genes are responsible for the color of our head hair. There is also not much definitive evidence on whether or not stress is a factor in giving you gray hairs. There are some things to worry about with gray hair, not just the way you look. There could be some health implications associated with gray hair. Thyroid disorders can cause an alteration of pigment in the hair follicles. Autoimmune disorders are another, where the body attacks the pigment producing areas. Smoking can cause premature gray hairs, as the link between the two has been shown for years. Finally, nutritional deficiencies are also a reason for gray hair, as a lack of vitamin B12 will gray your head.

Key Points:

  • 1If your thyroid gland becomes overactive or under active it can increase your number of gray hairs.
  • 2Autoimmune disorders can attack the cells responsible for pigmentation and precipitate early graying.
  • 3Nutritional deficiencies, such as the lack of vitamin B12, can cause hair loss and increased graying of the hair.

First off, you have to understand that it’s actually pigment that creates the color of our hair – not some integral element of the hair itself.

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