4 Metabolism-Boosting Supplements

4 Metabolism-Boosting Supplements

There are 4 metabolism boosting supplements that you could be benefiting from right now. Most people probably think that the idea of taking a pill to burn weight is a crazy idea. Although it does sound quite false, it is actually somewhat true. There are supplements that can help boost your metabolism. One thing you should do before taking the pill is talk to your doctor.

CLA is one of these supplements that will do a world of good for you. This is a healthy fat that is found in meat as well as dairy. This not only helps to burn the fat in your body, but it helps to build muscle as well in your body. You should realize that these pills are not magic, before you begin to take them. A pound of body fat is lost per month when these pills are taken. CLA boosts your muscle, so your weight loss will be very slow. There are many different benefits you will gain by gaining muscle and losing fat.

Zinc is another supplement you can take to help boost your metabolism. The mineral called zinc is one of those things that even healthy people miss in their diets.

Looking for a slimmer mid-section? Catechins may be the answer.  Catechins can help you burn more calories.  Catechins are found in tea, particularly green tea.  Catechins protect natural stimulants and boost cell activity thereby increasing your body’s need for energy.  Don’t expect rapid weight loss but more like a pound per month.  Researchers did find that green tea drinkers that drink 2 cups per day have a slimmer waistline than non-tea drinkers.

Selenium is a mineral that supports your thyroid.  Your thyroid helps regulate your energy and metabolism.  Excellent sources of selenium are sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, mushrooms, tuna, and shrimp.

Key Points:

  • 1Boosting your metabolism can help with weight loss.
  • 2Green tea could be the solution that dieters want to find for a slimmer waist.
  • 3There are supplements that can help with weight loss that won’t harm your body and can boost your metabolism.

Experts believe green tea may be most useful to dieters hoping to prevent weight regain