5 Benefits Of Using Chinese Medicine For Your Overall Health

Traditional Chinese medicine has been around now for over two thousand years. In contrast to chemical and synthetic-made Western medicine, Chinese medicine focuses on the overall holistic approach of healing. Through Chinese medicine, you’re set to heal not just physically, but mentally as well. Its ingredients are also made of natural sources.  

In this day and age, the popularity of Chinese medicine still hasn’t died down. It is, in fact, the constant subject of clinical trials and scientific reviews in other countries. Apart from just having herbal concoctions per se, Chinese medicine is also prevalent in traditional massage, tai chi, and acupuncture, for instance. Many individuals, even people from other cultures, have also gotten into this more natural alternative for healing.

That said, here are the top benefits that you can gain, from giving Chinese medicine a try:


  1. Reduces Inflammation In The Body


Of the many possible adverse effects that your body can have, inflammation is a common root source. This fact forms the start of many other important reasons why inflammation should always be reduced. For example, when left to worsen, inflammation can become the root of many serious problems in the body. These include cancer, heart diseases, autoimmune diseases, and diabetes.

Chinese medicine can help reduce the inflammation in your body by using a well-rounded or holistic medical approach. Apart from just being prescribed with herbal treatments, you may also be encouraged to go through other forms of healing, such as acupressure and acupuncture. In the process of doing so, you’ll also learn how the Chinese make healthy lifestyle changes in their diet and exercise regime. For instance, you’ll be taught to avoid things such as alcohol, smoking, and overeating red meat without vegetables.


  1. Improves Balance And Stability


One of the most common physical forms of Chinese medicine is tai chi. For patients that are suffering from pain and balance issues, such as Parkinson’s disease or arthritis, regularly performing tai chi can help you heal. Tai chi is a gentle exercise that forms a combination of relaxation, posture correction, breathing exercises, mental focus, and gentle movements.  

When done regularly, these types of exercises can help improve your balance and stability. What’s even better is that this balance and stability aren’t only limited to the physical body per se. It also helps improve your mental stability and balance by way of meditation.


  1. Improves Muscle Strength And Flexibility


Generally, strength training exercises are performed by those who wish to improve their muscle strength and flexibility. Strength training is good, but it isn’t exactly accessible for individuals that have physical limitations. For instance, those suffering from physical disabilities or the older population. This is where the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine comes in.

A great bulk of Chinese medicine isn’t exclusive to herbal products, like those from Blue Poppy Chinese Medicine, contrary to popular belief. Chinese medicine also comes in the form of exercises and treatment. One of the most commonly done example of this is tai chi. When you do it even for as short as three months straight, you’ll start to see a noticeable improvement in your muscle strength and flexibility.

The human body needs to have strong muscles and flexibility for the following reasons:

  • Enables you to exercise even more
  • Increases your ability to do everyday activities with so much more ease
  • Gives you a sense of accomplishment
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Improves your confidence


  1. Treats Allergies


A common treatment for allergies is in the taking of synthetic or chemically laden pills. But, many individuals also want to limit their use of synthetic medicine due to the potential side effects that come with it.  

With Chinese medicine, the goal isn’t just to treat the allergy. It incorporates the herbal medications in your daily routine so that you can fight the allergies at the very root of its causes. This approach can also help increase the likelihood of better managing and treating allergies.

Here’s how Chinese medicine treats allergies:

  • Acupuncture can help cure the inflammations in the body that subsequently leads to allergies
  • Green, leafy juices are incorporated in your diet to detox your liver, so that your liver can also, in turn, help you
  • Herbal teas are given, to help lower histamine production
  • Meditation and yoga are encouraged to help lower stress levels


  1. Protects And Improves Cognitive Health


When you’re sick, you should endeavor not just to protect your physical health. It’s just as important for you to take good care of your mental health. When you’re physically sick, it’s expected that you’re also going to be under a lot of stress. If you’ve been diagnosed with something, it’s normal to feel anxious or depressed. With Chinese medicine, your physical health isn’t the only concern that’s given focus, but your mental health as well.

For example, Chinese herbs don’t just reduce physical inflammation or pain in your body. It also helps relieve whatever stress you’re feeling because of the pain or discomfort in your body. This is possible with how some Chinese herbs interact with specific areas in your brain. It can help regulate hormones, and even improve the immune response of your body. In so doing, you’re not just taking care of your physical health. You’re addressing your cognitive and mental health as well.


Parting Words


In using Chinese medicine, your overall health is prioritized instead of just one aspect of it. Not only does your physical ailment receive a cure, but Chinese medicine also covers a holistic approach. As can be summarized from all of the benefits enumerated above, Chinese medicine heals a person’s mind, body, and spirit.  

As a parting note, however, do keep in mind that Chinese medicine also comes with possible side effects. Choose only to buy herbal products from reliable sources, and also make sure that whoever is administering a procedure on you is well trained and certified. Consult with your doctor before trying out any of the medicine. If symptoms persist, do consult the advice of a medical professional as well.




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