6 Common Health Myths That Need Debunking

6 Common Health Myths That Need Debunking

There are many health myths that we have all heard in our lives and this article analyzes if these myths are fact or fiction. According to scientific studies, the myth that carrots improve eyesight was concocted in WWII. While airplane pilots did eat many carrots, their success was more likely due to radar advancements rather than the orange vegetable.

The myth that there are two distinct brain hemispheres with different functions has also been debunked. The connections between hemispheres is much more important.

There is probably no greater health myth than those surrounding probiotics and antibiotics. While probiotics will likely cause no harm in healthy people, there is likely little benefit to taking probiotics for digestive improvement unless you have a gastrointestinal disorder, such as IBS. Probably the most important health myth is the belief that antibiotics will treat and cure the common cold or the flu. One thing to keep in mind with this myth is that antibiotics only work if the organism causing the illness is bacterial in nature. Antibiotics will have no effect on viruses, such as the flu and many respiratory viruses.

Another myth is that females living together will have their periods sync up. This phenomenon is more likely due to chance and cycles of varying length rather than physiology.

Finally, the myth that you cannot get pregnant while menstruating has also been proven false. While extremely unlikely, it is possible that a female could get pregnant during menstruation, especially if intercourse occurs towards the end of menstruation and if the female has a short menstrual cycle as well.

Key Points:

  • 1Carrots help with your eyesight. They help prevent cataracts and degeneration.
  • 2The right side of the brain is no more creative and artistic than the left side is logical, methodical and analytical.
  • 33 quarters of a billion pounds is spent on probiotic products.

Some foods – live cultured yoghurts, kimchi, raw cheese and sauerkraut – contain the same