7 Medical Reasons That Could Explain Why You’re Tired All The Time

If you’re feeling tired and having trouble getting through the day – you’re not alone, and now, not without an answer! There are a variety of reasons you might be feeling this way. The first is depression. Depression is not just an emotional effect – it can have physical symptoms too, like aches and pains along with tiredness. Anxiety is another reason many feel tired. If you can’t sleep because of stress and are always on edge about the next thing coming, your body never has a chance to slow and recharge. Physical illnesses can also cause fatigue. Glandular fever, for example, is a common sickness in younger populations which can cause symptoms like fever and a sore throat, but tiredness can stick around for up to three or four weeks. Post-Viral fatigue is another cause of tiredness. This condition shows itself with symptoms like chronic tiredness and muscle pain, but can go on for a few weeks after the actual virus itself goes away. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can also cause tiredness. A simple blood test can find some like iron (common in women) and B12 (common with some prescriptions and medications that affect the way B12 is absorbed in your body). These can both be cured with supplements or injections to help boost levels. Vitamin D is another example. Though we get some from our diets, spending some time in the sun (20 minutes a day) or taking supplements can help too.

Key Points:

  • 1Anxiety or stress can cause people to feel sleepy or tired.
  • 2A second potential cause of fatigue can be a lack of vitamin D.
  • 3Glandular fever is a common viral infection that can also make one feel tired or sleepy.

Depression doesn’t just make you feel low — it can cause a range of physical symptoms, including headaches, general aches and pains, and chronic tiredness.

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