9 Reasons to Go Pescetarian – Is It Right For You?

9 Reasons to Go Pescetarian – Is It Right For You?

Adopting a pescetarian diet is an excellent way to improve health. Several diets, such as the Mediterranean diet and traditional Asian diets, focus on fish in addition to a variety of whole grains, nuts, and vegetables. Unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and fiber are provided by the variety of foods emphasized by the pescetarian diet. Both the seafood and plant-based elements of the diet are crucial components of this healthy eating plan, which boasts benefits such as reduced inflammation in the body and the increased health of many systems in the body. For example, he unsaturated fatty acids provided by the diet promote neurological and cardiovascular health. The antioxidants consumed have protective functions, including the prevention of cancer and improving the health of body cells. You can increase your health by incorporating aspects of the pescetarian diet into your everyday life.

Key Points:

  • 1A Pescetarian Diet can lead to health benefits like better skin, heart health, and brain development among many other benefits
  • 2It’s easy to incorporate seafood in your diet by making small changes, like eating seafood dinner once per week or replacing your usual lunch meats on a sandwich with tuna
  • 3Both the traditional Mediterranean diet and the traditional Asian eating pattern feature fish and shellfish as their go-to animal based protein

While neither of these two diets is exclusively pescetarian, the research surrounding them suggests seafood may be behind many of the health benefits associated with them.

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