Americans are Drinking a Daily Cup of Coffee at the Highest Level in Six Years: Survey

Coffee consumption in America is at its highest levels in six years. The increasing numbers of cups drunk is coming not only from the gourmet cafe market, but also significant increases in how many people are sitting down with a cup at home. About two thirds of adult Americans drink coffee regularly. While consumption levels for competing beverages, from others with caffeine such as soda to options like juices, are starting to fall in the face of the war on sugar, coffee and tea, along with bottled water, are picking up market share.

American coffee habits were in sharp decline in the 1990s, at one point dropping below fifty percent. Clearly a number of coffee junkies have returned. Around the world different markets look to different segments for their primary source of their coffee. While in America many often turn to ready to drink coffee products, it’s extremely common for coffee drinkers to also have coffee they prepare at home. Four out of five coffee drinkers have a cup of coffee at home each day, compared to one in three that will have coffee purchased away from the home on a daily basis. And gourmet coffee is powering gains either in the home or restaurant and store markets; more than half of all coffee sold is gourmet.

Key Points:

  • 164% of Americans over 18 had a cup of coffee the previous day.
  • 279% of those surveyed had a cup of coffee at home.
  • 39% of Americans who drank coffee in the past week ordered it through an app.

Coffee is a bright spot for a global food industry

Everyone and their mother knows that beets are good for you, but does everyone know why?

Packed with phytonutrients (“phyto” being the Greek word for plants), vitamins and minerals, beets provide support to many systems of the body from digestion to energy levels.

  • Bodies convert the nitrates found in beets to nitric oxide, which helps improve oxygenation levels in the blood and overall circulation.  
  • The antioxidants and fiber act like natural cleansing agents, helping with the detoxification of toxins and heavy metals in the blood and giving the digestive tract a gentle flush to support a healthy elimination process.  
  • Consuming whole foods like beets is an excellent way to reduce the immune system from triggering ongoing harmful levels of high inflammation.
  • Healthy blood pressure, stamina, and detox are just a few of the immune boosting benefits of beets. According to a study done on beetroot juice.
  • Beets may stimulate cell production, which can protect your skin from premature aging and wrinkles. It’ll also keep your brain young by preserving it with nitrates to improve blood flow.

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