Apparently, These Are the 4 Vitamins Every Woman Should Take

Women and men have some different needs when it comes to nutrition.  Making sure we get the proper nutrients our bodies need for good health is important.  Sometimes that means we need to add to  our diets supplements and vitamins.  There are four particular nutrients that women need to get enough of:


Most women do not get enough fiber in there diets.  Optimal fiber lowers the risk of heart disease, helps with weight control and improves your gut health.  Take a supplement if you aren’t getting enough from your diet.

Vitamin B 12

Vitamin B 12 can be found in animal products; meat, yogurt, milk and cheese.  Vitamin B 12 lowers your risk for vascular disease.  If you are a vegetarian or don’t consume many animal products adding a supplement of B 12 is advisable.

Vitamin K 2

In order to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, it it recommended that women take a separate Vitamin K 2 pill. This is because, while calcium can combat osteoporosis, too much has been shown to cause heart disease. Taking Vitamin K 2 provides a safer way to protect a woman’s teeth and bones.

Vitamin D

The best source for getting enough Vitamin D is sunlight.  Just get outdoors on a sunny day and soak in some rays.  Vitamin D can also be found in fish and dairy foods. You need Vitamin D in order to properly absorb calcium and you need calcium for bone strength.

It is important for women to be aware of what nutrients you are consuming in your diet and what you may need to supplement for the best health possible.


Key Points:

  • 1While no amount of supplements or vitamins can take the place of a nutritionally sound diet, certain supplements can bolster a healthy lifestyle.
  • 2Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium and build bone strength, making it a particularly important vitamin for women.
  • 3Individuals with higher levels of K2 had greater bone density and K2 can help fight against osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

For women who follow a vegan diet, a vitamin B12 supplement may prove particularly useful as it’s found primarily in animal products.

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