Are Nootropics The Key To Getting More Done This Year?

Are Nootropics The Key To Getting More Done This Year?

You have those days where you roll out of bed feeling full of energy and ready to start your day and then you have those days where you feel your productive levels are lacking and you just don’t want to do anything on days like that. We all have them, but this where Nootropics come in.

Nootropics are supplements crafted to enhance “cognitive ability” and boost memory, creativity and energy at the same time giving you that boost that you probably so desperately need on a sluggish day.

Nootropics are very effective in increasing your overall focus as they provide energy and clarity in your every day to day life.  This is a trending product because of the burst of energy you get from it along with that it improves your focus.

The side effects involved with taking Nootropics are reported to be very low and the risk levels are at a very minimum level. If you plan on taking these, always consult your GP on this topic.

Key Points:

  • 1The increased focus one gains from nootropics falls somewhere between caffeine and amphetamines.
  • 2Before becoming available for general use, Nootropics were previously used to treat Alzheimers patients.
  • 3You can purchase nootropics in capsule, powder, or tablet form, but certain powder forms require users to pay attention to solubility.

There are some days when you bound out of bed, full of energy, ticking off your to-do list left, right and centre. Then there are those days when not even a second double shot latte is going to see you through the dreaded afternoon slump, let alone a 6pm spin class.
Enter: Nootropics, supplements crafted to enhance cognitive ability and boost memory, creativity and energy at the same time.

Everyone and their mother knows that beets are good for you, but does everyone know why?

Packed with phytonutrients (“phyto” being the Greek word for plants), vitamins and minerals, beets provide support to many systems of the body from digestion to energy levels.

  • Bodies convert the nitrates found in beets to nitric oxide, which helps improve oxygenation levels in the blood and overall circulation. 
  • The antioxidants and fiber act like natural cleansing agents, helping with the detoxification of toxins and heavy metals in the blood and giving the digestive tract a gentle flush to support a healthy elimination process. 
  • Consuming whole foods like beets is an excellent way to reduce the immune system from triggering ongoing harmful levels of high inflammation.
  • Healthy blood pressure, stamina, and detox are just a few of the immune boosting benefits of beets. According to a study done on beetroot juice.
  • Beets may stimulate cell production, which can protect your skin from premature aging and wrinkles. It’ll also keep your brain young by preserving it with nitrates to improve blood flow.

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