Oat milk has become the newest non-dairy milk replacement in the United States. It’s foamy texture provides a suitable milk substitute for things like lattes, has health benefits, and is vegan-friendly. Oat milk is a great source of soluble fiber, is good for people with high cholesterol, and aids in digestion and regulating blood sugar. The only real adverse effect would be someone with a gluten intolerance consuming oat milk. The process for making the milk is simple too – just soak steel-cut oats in water and then blend them. You can also strain this mixture through a cheesecloth for any leftover bits still in the final product. Oat milk is a good choice, in moderation, for anyone looking to replace regular cow’s milk. It is also low in fat, lower than regular milk, and also lower than some non-dairy milks like coconut. Its flavor is mild and slightly sweet, and is has a thicker, heavier texture. It is better for the environment than almond milk, too, since almonds require so much water to be produced. So, in conclusion, oat milk is a safe, eco-friendly, low-fat, healthy alternative to regular milk and some other non-dairy milks. In moderation, it is a great choice for anyone who does not suffer a gluten intolerance.

Key Points:

  • 1Oat milk, is one of the latest dairy free milks to enter to beverage scene.
  • 2The milk works well with coffee due to its ability to foam up better than other milks.
  • 3Oat milk isn’t gluten free, so it is a good solution for vegans or lactose intolerant people but not gluten sensitive people.

It might not have made its way to mainstream cafes and health food stores in Australia just yet, but oat milk has officially taken over the coffee scene in America

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