BCAA – All You Need to Know!

Exogeneous branched chain amino acid cannot be produced by the human body but is required for the body’s development. They make up one-quarter of the amino acids in the body. These amino acids protect muscle tissue from catabolic processes, including degradation.

BCAA is a supplement that provides Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine in a powdered form. Leucine improves protein synthesis and activates insulin. Valine supports the regeneration process and Isoleucine provides an alternative energy source when the body is low on glucose.

The components in the BCAA supplement are usually provided to the body by eating dairy and other high-protein foods. However, not everyone can tolerate dairy products or do not consume enough to produce the amount the body needs. If this is the case, they can use BCAA.

The clinical trials of BCAA that through the use of this supplement, the muscle fibers are stronger, there is less muscle degradation and a lower percentage of body fat. BCAA also inhibits serotonin secretion which keeps the athlete from feeling tired allowing for longer, more effective, workouts.

Any athlete can benefit from using BCAA whether they are just beginning their training or are lifelong bodybuilders. It’s also not just for bodybuilders. Any type of athlete can benefit from using this supplement.

Key Points:

  • 1BCAA are vital exogenous nutrient compounds that are necessary for proper bodily function and especially muscle development.
  • 2BCAA’s aid protein production and can enhance growth hormone levels resulting in larger muscular gains.
  • 3BCAA is one of the most well studied suppliments with actual scientific evidence to increase gains and protect muscle tissue.

Studies confirm that people who regularly supplement BCAA have a lower percentage of body fat.

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