Benefits of an L-Glutamine Supplement

Of all the amino acids in the body, L-glutamine is the most abundant. Adequate levels of this amino acid are essential for maintaining a healthy digestive tract because it preserves the integrity of the intestinal wall. L-glutamine plays an important role in digestive, immune, and nervous system health.

There are a host of symptoms that can be relieved with sufficient L-glutamine intake. Its most important function is digestive system maintenance, so a deficiency can lead to issues such as diarrhea and constipation. Because L-glutamine is responsible for healing body tissues, problems with low muscle mass, slow-healing wounds, and poor post-workout recovery can be addressed by making sure to take in enough of this “building block” of the body. Research has shown that getting enough L-glutamine can help strengthen a weakened immune system, equipping your body to fight off both viruses and infections. Sufficient L-glutamine intake can also reduce anxiety and cravings for alcohol and sugar.

Animal protein is the best dietary source of L-glutamine because high levels of it it are found in virtually all meat. If someone cannot get sufficient levels from their diet, as in the case of vegans and vegetarians, L-glutamine supplements are available in both pill and powder form.

Key Points:

  • 1If you have any of these symptoms, L-Glutamine may help you: anxiety, sugar or alcohol cravings, constipation or diarrhea or a poor immune system.
  • 2L-Glutamine is a very important amino acid because it helps maintain the integrity of the intestinal wall. In addition, it is the healer of all the tissues in your body.
  • 3Fortunately, all animal proteins contain glutamine so it’s usually possible to get what you need from your diet. L-Glutamine can be taken as a supplement if you have any of the symptoms named above.

L-glutamine is one of the most important nutrients for a healthy digestive tract because of its ability to maintain the integrity of the intestinal wall.

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