Are Breatharians Onto Something?

The newest trend in the world of health includes “breatharians,” people who are very focused on harnessing oxygen to their advantage. By working to harness sunight and oxygen as a vital part of survival and living a healthy lifestyle, an entire new industry is opening up. For example, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a process in which people lie in a chamber for a defined period of time, breathing just pure oxygen, is taking off. It is said that the pure oxygen helps to revive and help support tissue and cell growth. Circulation and blood flow are also improved through this pricy procedure. This therapy is springing up all over Australia. For example, Vrai Health Clinic, one of the newer memebers to the space, will perform this therapy for $69 per session. Clinics like these are helping to make the oxygen therapy more accessible to the masses who can now afford it, after initally being marketed to stars such as Michael Jackson and Mariah Carrey. At the end of the day, we all need the same nutrients and core items for survival. That said, for therapy and recovery, hyperbaric oxygen therapy just might be able to get you back on your feet quicker.

Key Points:

  • 1Living off of oxygen alone is impossible because we need nutrition to survive.
  • 2Harnessing oxygen is benefitial to our health and there are hyperbaric oxygen chambers that provide an atmosphere of purified oxygen.
  • 3The breatharian diet is real and there are people out here who think we can survive on cosmic energy from air.

Wellness warriors are moving on from the infrared sauna towards the next frontier in the gold standard of health: the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

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