Can Drinking Milk Be Dangerous For Your Health?

Milk seems to be getting the bad rap that eggs once did.   People are rejecting milk and replacing it with all kinds of other milk alternatives.   More often than not milk is not your enemy.   There are a small number of individuals that are allergic or intolerant to milk protein and lactose.   These people usually get tremendous stomach discomfort when milk is ingested.   But for most of us…..milk is a good thing.   Milk is full of healthy protein and bone building vitamins.

Milk and Diabetes — There is no conclusive research that confirms milk leading to Diabetes or other autoimmune diseases.

Milk and Asthma — No actual research shows that milk produces excess mucus which can turn into colds, coughs or asthma.   However, studies have shown that thinking milk does this has the placebo effect.   With that said it seems like our brain is more in control of our body’s responses than our body???

Many sports drinks that are regularly consumed use the same protein found in milk, casein to promote muscle development.

It is problematic in our cultural with lots of food additives to pinpoint one food item as the cause for the rise in cancers and disease.   It seems more likely that our science of food preservatives and additives is more a culprit than natural products like milk.

Key Points:

  • 1It has not been proven that milk causes diabetes.
  • 2Studies have shown that there is no correlation between drinking milk and having asthma.
  • 3Milk contains a large amount of protein which is beneficial for people.

Is milk really such an enemy of humanity?

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