Can These 2 Nutrients Help You Keep the Weight Off?

Being a yo-yo is only fun for a yo-yo game. It is not fun for a human that is trying to maintain a healthier weight. Sadly for all too many there is this yo-yo effect, a person comes off a strict weight loss diet and with in weeks or months they have put it back on often times reaching a new much higher weight. Researchers have found correlation with flavonoids in our gut. People who have never been obese have a different kind. This may seem like a great find however along with this knowledge comes the added knowledge that once the flavonoids have changed no matter how much weight we lose, no matter how long we keep it off, the flavonoids do not change back. Once you have them you are stuck with them. On a brighter note there is however some information that points to two nutrients that can help. Those nutrients are naringenin and apigenin. If one were to consume a higher rate of these flavonoids found in certain fruits and herbs then perhaps the struggle will be less and the weight can stay off much more easily. Grapefruit tangelos, and kumquats have a high level of naringenin, and consuming these in fruit salads, fresh fruit, fruit smoothies and juices will help raise the levels in your body. Chamomile tea has many health benefits so adding this to your daily routine will help ones health in many ways as well as boosting your apigenin intake. Parsley can be added to salads for a tasty treat, switch out your basil for parsley for a taste sensation as well as giving a health boost by raising your apigenin level. Do not lose hope on the weight loss roller coaster and keep on trying with some tasty ingredients.

Key Points:

  • 1Yo-yo dieting is very common for people with slow metabolisms.
  • 2Yo-yo dieting is bad for your health and your heart. It may cause a variety of diseases.
  • 3Bacteria in the gut may be a key factor to weight loss or weight gain.

This latest research demonstrates that the persistence of these obesity-associated bacteria in our guts could be a major factor in our tendency to regain weight we’ve lost.”

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