Curcumin – a Natural Alternative to Painkillers!

Curcumin has been studied and discovered to be a natural painkiller. It is a compound with a pro-health effect. Curcumin naturally occurs in turmeric and mainly attributes to anti inflammatory, antioxidant and even some heart aspects. Studies have been conducted by researches and scientists from the Medical University of New Delhi. This study was conducted by examining people’s pain tolerance. Each of the people involved in the study was involved in gallbladder removal surgery. There were experimental and control groups during this study of twenty five people. The first group took a tablet containing 500 g of curcumin every 6 hours. the second group took a placebo pill containing 350 mg of dextrose. Both groups were equipped with emergency tablets, in case of severe and intolerable pain. The people were asked to rate their pain one week after surgery, two weeks after surgery and three weeks after surgery. After three days, similar results were observed in both groups. According to the article, an obvious change was noticed one week after surgery. Twenty one days after surgery, both groups no longer felt any pain. Therefore, the study was able to conclude that curcumin can be used as an effective medication to fight against pain, even after a surgery.

Key Points:

  • 1A recent medical study conducted by Indian researchers looked at the effectiveness of an alternative painkiller; curcumin.
  • 2Researchers split study participants into two groups, one of them receiving curcumin, and they rated their pain on a one hundred point scale during surgical recovery.
  • 3Those taking curcumin ranked their level of pain as half that of those taking the placebo drug.

curcumin can be an effective tool in the fight against pain.

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