A Doctor Who Transformed His Life is Dedicated to Helping People Improve Their Lives Through Nutrition and Exercise

Dr. Francisco M. Torres, MD is the Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at The Florida Spine Institute and founder and owner of Forever Young Age Management Clinic in Clearwater, Florida. He had his own issues with body weight in the past but transformed himself. He wants to share his story, how a combination of diet, exercise and supplements saved his life after becoming overweight in medical school due to bad food and lack of exercise. His new book Dr. T’s Drop the Fat Diet, aims to do just that. He describes a plan to kick start your metabolism and reach a healthy goal. For those who want a more hands on approach, Dr. Torres treats patients at the Spine Institute who are in chronic pain from being sedentary and having poor diets creating obesity that exacerbates the pain.

Key Points:

  • 1You can enhance your body’s natural healing properties with a personalized health improvement plan.
  • 2Dr. Francisco M. Torres, MD understands how to attain a healthy lifestyle that balances diet, exercise, and supplements.
  • 3Dr. Torres is releasing a new book that presents his clinically-proven way to jumpstart metabolism and plan meals.

You can reboot your body’s natural healing properties with a comprehensive health improvement plan that includes a custom program to help you feel your best.

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