Goji Berries: Should You Eat This Chinese Wonder Fruit?

Goji Berries: Should You Eat This Chinese Wonder Fruit?

Goji berries have been used in Chinese medicine for a long time. The health benefits it provides had been sourced to countless remedies for a myriad of health related issues. Among these are testosterone levels, hypertension, skin health, cancer, and overall longevity. Some debate surrounds whether or not these claims about the Goji berry is true and how well it compares to other well known berries, fruits, and vegetables. One of the big positives going for the Goji is it’s antioxidant content and the type of antioxidant found in it, Zeaxanthin. It also contains eighteen amino acids. Further, it is made up of long chains of simple sugars, which makes it easy for the body to break down and convert to energy. The Vitamin A content has been shown to possibly to fight against cancer agents. The Goji Berry may have some myths surrounding it’s major health claims, but it’s contents are hand in hand with scientific research which puts it as a healthy choice. Goji Berry is a good food to top on your breakfast, or snacks to add a sweet treat to the meal. It has been shown to provide observable benefits to skin and eye health. It is not as common as blueberries or strawberries, but does show similiar health benefits.

Key Points:

  • 1Antioxidants quash free radicals that attack cells in the body, thereby repairing and rejuvenating cells.
  • 2The ORAC score, which demonstrates antioxidant absorbency by way of a given food item, is very high with this fruit.
  • 3Avocados, black berries and red delicious apples are other high scorers on the ORAC antioxidant absorbency scale.

When you eat goji berries you consume healing benefits from the plethora of antioxidants contained in the berries.

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