How To Break Up With Supplements And Choose Natural Pre Workout

The right pre workout food or drink can do a lot to make your workout more enjoyable and to make your recovery easier.

In addition to giving you carbs for energy and protein for recovery, the right pre workout product can boost your muscle’s ability to function smoothly through the workout and beyond.

Energy Boosters

A simple way to add easily accessible carbs to your pre workout routine is to include fruit. Bananas offer both carbs and potassium.

Berries are loaded with antioxidants and apples offer fiber, Vitamin C, and hydration to keep your joints loose and supple.

Minerals to Include

Of the minerals to include in your natural pre workout, Vitamins including B12 and magnesium are extremely important to keep your muscles working smoothly whether contracting or releasing.

If you choose to go with a blended workout supplement, make sure you also stay hydrated enough to support your kidneys, liver, and gut.

Keep it Simple

Keep your pre workout supplement as simple as possible. Consider mixing up overnight oats or preparing a peanut butter sandwich to enjoy before you head to the gym.

For those who enjoy a liquid pre workout supplement, consider blending up your powdered items the night before in your shaker cup and loading up the liquids, ice and fruit in the morning.

No matter how carefully you structure your day, things can get in the way of your workout.

Setting up your clothing and your pre workout supplement in such a way that you can easily get it taken care of before you leave for the gym will make it much more likely that you will get your workout in.

What to Save for Later

While a high protein diet is good for muscle gain, avoid too much protein in your pre workout supplement.

Fats are good for you, but like protein, they can be too heavy in the gut in the middle of a tough workout.

While you will want to avoid high fiber foods before a workout, making sure that you get plenty of fiber, fat, and protein after your workout is critically important.

Salt, Spice, or Sugar?

A bit of salt prior to your workout can help if you are working hard in the heat. Many who work out early in the day may have more consistent energy throughout the day if they don’t have too much sugar early in the day.

However, everyone should avoid spicy foods before a workout. The inflammation of sweating plus spice could be hard on your stomach.


If you add a new food to your routine before your workout, give yourself a bit more warmup time to make sure your gut can handle whatever you ate or drank. It may be a good idea to give yourself 30 minutes.

A great workout can be made even more effective with the right nutrients beforehand. Make sure you boost your water intake as well as food as you try new products and combinations.

Finally, stretch out your warmup if you are concerned that you may have an adverse reaction to your pre workout supplement or a small meal.


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