Is Spirulina a Miracle Cure-all?

Is Spirulina a Miracle Cure-all?

Claims are being made that adding spirulina to your diet will cure allergies, detoxify, and aid in weight loss.  What is it? It is a grass like water plant that is cultivated in ponds and produced all over the world. It is often referred as blue-green algae.  It has a strong seaweed flavor.  So many choose to consume it in capsule form, but you can also use as a powder and put in a liquid.

Spirulina is nutrient dense.  One ounce provides 16 grams of protein.  It also contains: riboflavin, iron, thiamin, magnesium and potassium.


Key Points:

  • 1All health claims at this time lack sufficient evidence.
  • 2Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should avoid taking spirulina.
  • 3It could interfere with immunosuppressant drugs. Take with caution.

Contamination by toxins and heavy metals is a serious concern, so it is important to choose a spirulina supplement with reliable third-party testing and quality assurance.