Mineral Water Can Be Calorie-Free Calcium Source

Mineral water enriched with Calcium can be a good alternative to dairy products to provide the daily recommended amount of calcium to anyone. Studies have shown that among five different ways to consume calcium: Three types of mineral water, milk, and a calcium supplement the body absorbs the calcium the same. With obesity being such a huge problem Calcium enriched mineral water can be a great calorie free alternative to milk and other high fat dairy products. The other minerals in the water do not seem to affect calcium absorption. In Germany it is recommended people consume 1000 mg of calcium in a day. That’s equivalent to three eight ounce glasses of milk or two liters of 500 mg mineral water in a day. In the U.S 1300 mg of calcium is advised for adults a day. It is widely known in Italy that mineral water can be a good option for daily calorie consumption. Dr. Maria Luisa Brandi of University of Florence in Italy confirmed this in a phone interview. Brandi and some other Italian doctors conducted their own study in 2004 with results positively favoring that calcium in mineral water was absorbed by the body just as well as milk.

Key Points:

  • 1Mineral water, a source of calcium, is a low calorie alternative to dairy products.
  • 2A 2004 study showed that the human body can absorb calcium from mineral water as well as it can absorb calcium from milk.
  • 3Leibniz University Hannover’s Theresa Greupner believes that drinking more mineral water can be beneficial to an increasingly obese modern population.

There was no difference in how calcium from the five different sources was absorbed, the researchers report in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, online June 19.

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