More Evidence That Omega-3 Supplements Lack Heart Benefits

More Evidence That Omega-3 Supplements Lack Heart Benefits

Omega-3 supplements have long been touted as a preventative measure against things like stroke and heart attack, but recent studies have shown consistent evidence that this is not the case. A large study showed that omega-3 supplements had little to no effect on reducing the risk of stroke and other heart problems.

The studies did, however, show a reduction in triglycerides, but unfortunately they also reduced the “good” cholesterol.”

It’s a bit shocking to find this out after so long because the results were so conclusive that it’s hard to believe that we let this slip by for so long. However, some doctor’s aren’t convinced.

For one, studies like this take a very long time because a stroke or heart problems don’t happen overnight, they are the result of long term decisions and lifestyles, so it is hard to pinpoint if the omega-3’s definitely did or did not help. Also, this study only points to the effects of omega-3’s in supplement form – consuming them through foods is a much more effective way to benefit from them.

Overall, the study showed fairly consistent results, but more long term studies need to be done on the efficacy of the supplements and how it is different from omega-3’s from food sources.

Key Points:

  • 1Omega-3 in supplement form does little to protect against heart disease.
  • 2Omega-3 supplements did help to reduce triglyceride levels.
  • 3The analysis did find a benefit from consuming canola oil and nuts, especially in preventing heart arrhythmias!

When I look at our findings, what amazes me is how long we have believed in the effect of omega 3 fats . . . on heart and vascular health,

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