A Naturally Healthy Heart

Cardiovascular disease causes more deaths than any other disease.   Simple things like a healthy diet, reducing stress and exercising can help prevent cardiovascular disease.

A recent Harvard study confirms that plant nutrients can support heart health.   Higher consumption of fruit polyphenols can lower the risk of heart attack in men by 14%.  It is important to improve blood pressure and cholesterol numbers.   Fruit polyphenols do this.

Grape Seed supports healthy veins and blood pressure.

Resveratrol fights inflammation and has antioxidant properties

Heart Protector ® is The Synergy Company’s all-around cardiovascular powerhouse. The certified organic extracts draw upon the heart-healthy Mediterranean and Okinawan diets.


Key Points:

  • 1A recent Harvard study confirms that higher intakes of fruit polyphenols lower the risk of heart attack in men by 14%.
  • 2The trick is incorporating enough of these natural – and sometimes rare – plant compounds into our daily diets.
  • 3We make it easy to naturally approach heart health. Heart Protector features concentrated, certified organic plant extracts in ideal amounts.

Along with Heart Protector ®, their comprehensive heart formula, The Synergy Companyâ„¢ also offers individual heart-healthy extracts. SuperPure ® Resveratrol and SuperPure ® Grape Seed are the first USDA-certified organic extracts of their kind.

Read the full article at: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/a-naturally-healthy-heart-300400211.html


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