Nutritionists Are Losing It Over This $4.89 ALDI Bread

Nutritionists Are Losing It Over This $4.89 ALDI Bread

Eating healthy in America is often not just a matter of finding the willpower to reach past the junk food to put nutritious items in your grocery cart. It can often be about price and availability. Even the most determined diet can be opposed by how much a healthy item costs compared to something else that doesn’t have the health benefits but is much, much less expensive.

A new bread from Aldi is a prime example. Baker’s Life 85% Lower Carb bread retails for just under five dollars a loaf. For the same amount of money, a shopper can get four or even five loafs of the less expensive and “normal’ breads Aldi carries.

But what do you get for this more expensive loaf of bread? Compared even to the previous carbohydrate controlled bread on offer, it is a nutrition savings. Baker’s Life offers double the amount of protein and fiber at less than a fourth of the carbohydrate content. Lower carbs means lower calories, slice for slice. That’s better for your waistline, as carbohydrates are converted into sugar by the body during digestion, and are the source of many problems in a diet. Made of whole grains and special formulated, the bread may be worth the extra money; but when your shopping budget is tight it can be hard to make this kind of change in everything you take home.

Key Points:

  • 1A low carbohydrate bread from Baker’s Life is getting strong approval from nutritionists.
  • 2Compared to its competitors, this bread offers nearly 2-3 times more protein and nearly twice the fibre at a fraction of the carbohydrates.
  • 3The bread has seeds like sunflower seeds that create higher fat content, but it’s long chain polyunsaturated fats – fats good for you.

A general shift towards lower-carb eating in a society where movement is scarce and weight gain is common means that the more foods we can readily find in supermarkets that support weight control the better — and in this case, Aldi, you have done good.

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