Why Oatmeal is an Ideal Race Fuel

Why Oatmeal is an Ideal Race Fuel

Despite trendy popularity of other, newer grains, oatmeal remains an effective and simple tool for runners to fuel up with.

Oats are seeds made up of two parts, a non-edible hull and an edible center called the “groat.” The amount of groat in ready-to-eat oats depends on the type of oat. Regardless, oats are considered whole grains and are one of the few that pack substantial amounts of protein; a half cup nets about 7g.

Oats also hold other nutrients full of benefits for runners. For example, Beta-Glucan, a sugar found in oat cell walls, has been seen to reduce the risk of upper respiratory infections and fatigue in endurance runners. Oats additionally contain both maganese, an element the body uses for blood clotting and calcium absorption, and flavonoids. Flavanoids help runners by reducing muscle inflammation.

To get the full nutritional benefits, pairing oats with dairy can up protein intake as well as aid in digestion. Oats do contain fiber, so it’s equally important to make sure to eat the right type of oats at the right time to minimise any impacts of fiber on a workout. Experiment with different oat types and recipes to find what works best for you.

Key Points:

  • 1Oats are packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals. Different oats have more health benefits than others based on how much of the groat they have.
  • 2Manganese improves bodily functions and even works better than when a placebo is used.
  • 3Oats are chock full of fiber which helps when you need energy for a long day but make sure you eat the best oats at the right time as some are hard to digest.

Steel cut and old-fashioned oats are the hardest to digest, so opt for quick-cooking or instant options, which you can blend into a smoothie or bake into bars to make them easier on your system.

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