Beets A Great Way to Start the Day

Weight Loss Drug Lorcaserin Found Safe In Large Study

A new weight loss drug has been scientifically reviewed for cardiovascular risk, and found to not increase such risk in patients who are above their normal weight. Each participant in the study was diagnosed with either more than one risk factor for heart disease, or already had cardiovascular disease with atherosclerotic aspects. The study ran […]

Nutritionists Are Losing It Over This $4.89 ALDI Bread

Eating healthy in America is often not just a matter of finding the willpower to reach past the junk food to put nutritious items in your grocery cart. It can often be about price and availability. Even the most determined diet can be opposed by how much a healthy item costs compared to something else […]

Do I Need Fish Oil Supplements? A Guide to Omega-3s

Fish oil, or omega-3 fatty acid supplements, have long been a staple of the nutritional boosters Americans turn to. While eating fish is the natural way of getting these omega-3 fatty acids, many people don’t have ready access to fish on a regular basis. Or it may not be affordable. That’s where the supplements come […]

Magnesium – Sources in the Diet

Magnesium deficiencies are a common problem around the world. These deficiencies are important because they not only affect your mood and disposition, but also affect your health. Some risks involved in magnesium deficiency include heart disease, osteoporosis, asthma, arrhythmia, and hypertension. It is also vital to bone and tooth health and is considered the “bone […]

Aspartame Myths and Facts – What You Really Need to Know

The modern palate has a pronounced affinity for indulging in our sweet tooth. Sugar is in everything we eat, and often we even add it on purpose to foods or d