Researchers Call Sun Avoidance as Emerging Health Problem in the U.S.

This article by News Medical Life sciences summarizes a newly released study published by the Journal Dermato-Endocrinology discussing the latest finding regarding the risks and benefits of sun exposure. Most interestingly, the paper discusses the facts behind the importance of non-burning sun exposure for most people. This article hits on why Americans are in specific danger of not getting enough sun exposure, what benefits the sun provides (besides vitamin D), and what we can do about it. Both governmental agencies and the medical community are called upon to revisit their stance on sun exposure and recommendations for Americans in light of new data that breaks down what type of sun exposure is actually harmful. Additionally, the lack of sun is causing an alarming number of deaths due to vitamin D deficiencies (spoiler: there are more deaths from vitamin D deficiency each year than those linked to tobacco use).

Key Points:

  • 1There are so many health problems in the world for their to be people to deal with.
  • 2There are recommendations by the government in the health field that should be changed
  • 3There are actually some benefits when it comes to sun burning as well

While recent public health guidance has encouraged people to avoid the sun out of concern that exposure will increase risk of skin cancer, the prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency in the United States – linked primarily to sun avoidance – is 70%.

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