How the Right Supplement Can Enhance Your Mood

At some point in our lives most of us go through times when we feel down in the dumps. Maybe life isn’t going your way or managing your stress level seems to be getting the better of you. It happens to everyone. However, melancholic phases are not a sufficient enough reason to turn to a pharmaceutical solution. Fortunately there are a number of supplements that you can add to your daily routine to enhance your mood naturally.

Vitamin D and It’s Role on Mood

The role of vitamin D and its impact on mood is not yet fully understood, but studies have shown a positive correlation between the two. What we know is that vitamin D receptors are found in different parts of the brain. They are found on the surfaces of cells that receive chemical messages, called neurotransmitters. When they connect with a receptor they give the cell directions on what to do next. Vitamin D receptors have been found in the parts of the brain that are linked with depression. Therefore researchers hypothesize that this vitamin is likely a participant in the process of the neurotransmitters that impact our moods. Despite the fact that the process is not fully understood, research shows that vitamin D does improve overall mood.

B Complex Vitamins Help Boost Mood

There are several B complex vitamins that have been associated with depression and an overall depressed mood. Vitamin B6 is probably the most notable as it is required to make our brains neurotransmitters, including the ones that impact mood like serotonin and dopamine. Vitamin B9 (commonly known as folate) also plays an important role in the function of our moods. People with low folate levels tend to report a more depressed mood than those with an adequate supply. B12 also plays a central role in brain processes as it helps protect the myelin sheath in our brain cells. Insufficient levels of vitamin B12 can lead to improper function of the neurotransmitters that help keep our moods stable.

Magnesium as a Mood Enhancer

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, as many as half of the adult American population is deficient in the mineral magnesium.  People who lack magnesium will often display symptoms that look very much like chronic depression. In recent years doctors have coined a deficit in this vital nutrient as a “silent deficiency” because it is one of the more difficult to detect. As the level of magnesium in Americans diets dwindle, the need to supplement is very important. Magnesium is required to stimulate GABA receptors in our brains. GABA is part of what calm our brains, as well as reduce stress hormones.

The Role of Zinc in Mood

Zinc is a vital mineral that many Americans are lacking due to their diets high in processed foods. Our bodies do not have a place to store zinc, so we need to consume this mineral on a daily basis to maintain peak health. What experts found is that zinc plays an important part in moderating our brain and body’s response to stress. People who lack enough zinc in the body will have impaired reactions to stress.  This can lead to a more depressed mood. Supplementing with zinc will help with stress management and your overall mental health.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Impact on Overall Mood

People who live in cultures with diets right in Omega-3 fatty acids due to fish as a dietary staple have been noted at having better overall health. In addition to less cardiovascular and pulmonary problems some experts also noted lower overall rates of depression. This peeked scientists interest. Controlled studies over the past fifteen years have shown that people whose balance of omega-3 fatty acids to their less healthy omega-6 equivalents had significantly lower rates of depression and anxiety. Even people battling clinical depression see improvement in their mood when they take a supplement that contains ample amounts of omega-3’s.

Dopamine Boosters

Another category of supplements that can help improve your mood is a collection of vitamins that boost the mood elevating neurotransmitter dopamine. Study after study has shown that people with insufficient levels of dopamine suffer from a more depressed mood. Four of the best natural supplements that elevate dopamine are L-Tyrosine, Mucuna pruriens (velvet bean), L-theanine and Rhodiola rosea (golden root). Including these in your supplement regimen will lead to better mental states.

A Good Quality Multi-Vitamin Can Be All You Need

For many people suffering from a glum mood, the simple act of taking a well-rounded multi-vitamin can make a big difference. As we now know, simple vitamin and mineral deficiencies lead to a big impact on the function of our brains. By paying attention to what we put in our bodies, we will see not only better physical health, but also mental health and wellness. In order to cover all of your bases, a quality multi-vitamin can help you check all of the right boxes. Look for high-potency supplements that include several of the vitamins and minerals listed here.

At some point in our lives we will all struggle with a dip in our mood. Regardless of the cause, there are some easy ways to help boost our moods without resorting to potent medications. A first line of defense is to supplement our bodies with what they need to function best. When our bodies are nourished, our minds work better. By using some or all of these important vitamins and minerals you can supplement your way to a better mood.


David’s passion for optimal health, wellness, and prevention started as a research analyst covering the industry. David specialized in nutritional supplements, pouring over clinical studies, touring manufacturing facilities, and immersing himself in the supplement and wellness industry on all levels. He developed a passion for the industry and educating people, and became driven to start Previnex. Previnex is a prevention-based health and wellness company committed to using science, clinically-tested ingredients and going above and beyond the testing and production standards required to bring to life nutritional supplements products of unparalleled quality, safety, and effectiveness.

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