Sexual Problems Sometimes Irreversible Side Effect of Hair Loss Drug Propecia

Sexual Problems Sometimes Irreversible Side Effect of Hair Loss Drug Propecia

Propecia can be taken as a prescription medicine after a hair replacement surgery. Somehow, though, the drug resulted in horrible depression in a patient to which it was suggested. He also suffered from a number of sexual problems, as well. No antidepressants helped either. was able to provide a wake-up call for him. He quit taking the medication, but his endocrine system crashed and his hormones became greatly unbalanced, resulting in erratic behavior and feelings. He developed anger management problems, hurting those closest to him. The FDA has been logging complaints from people taking Propecia. 421 cases of sexual dysfunction cases have been reviewed by the FDA, and ultimately this resulted in the requirement of more explicit side-effect labels for the drug. These side effects became known as Post-Finasteride Syndrome (PFS). Many man never know whether they will recover their sexual function or not, which is rather damaging and terrifying considering the drug was supposed to improve their self image by aiding recovery of hair. Sexual therapists and researchers think this drug changes brain chemistry, but numerous health care providers didn’t realize the damage this drug could cause. Thus, patients are rarely warned of the side effects of the drug. To some men, the drug was also ineffective in reducing hair loss.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Propecia can cause depression.
  • 2Propecia can cause sexual dysfunction.
  • 3There are a number of lawsuits about the side effects of Propecia.

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