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Overall health is a complicated subject. And a key factor is what you’re putting into your body, what you’re consuming. Doctors encourage us to exercise regularly, for a variety of reasons. And with physical activity comes the urge to drink, because sweaty exertion requires liquids be replenished. But in today’s world there’s an increasingly bewildering array of choices, even in the normal drinks aisle at the store. When you look at health stores or nutritional supplement merchants, the options multiple dramatically. How can anyone know what they should or shouldn’t be reaching for when they’re thirsty?

Mineral water is always a good choice. People think of vitamins when they think of nutrients, but the actual need is vitamins and minerals. Water that’s already naturally laced with various minerals can be good for you, and a good source of substances you might not already be getting from your food, or even a daily multi-vitamin.    Drinking water before eating may decrease food intake and help to lower the calories you are consuming.

Coffee can be a good choice if you’re looking for a boost of energy, which can be welcome after a solid workout.    Drinking coffee without the added milk or sugar is the best way for weight loss.   You may get an even bigger weight loss kick if you add some hot spices like cayenne pepper or cardamom, ginger or cinnamon.

And an option becoming increasingly popular is green tea. Herbal tea infusions are both tasty as well as healthy, especially when they’re prepared with nutritional benefits in mind. And when you’re keeping your eye on the scale, keep an eye on labels to avoid sugar or excess calories.

Key Points:

  • 1Drink mineral water instead of sugary drink. The addition calcium and magnesium is good for fat burning.
  • 2Coffee boosts hormone activity, breaks down adipose tissue and can boost weight loss.
  • 3Cocoa influences energy management, serve it without sugar and add some cinnamon.

When losing weight we should pay attention to the right choice of beverages.

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