So, Can You Get Your Daily Calcium Needs From Ice Cream?

So, Can You Get Your Daily Calcium Needs From Ice Cream?

Calcium is a common dietary nutrient that not everyone regularly gets enough of. For this reason, we’re often reminded to drink milk, as it is a great source of calcium. But not everyone likes milk. Where does that leave non-milk drinkers? Are they destined to have problems maintaining strong bones and healthy teeth, both of which need calcium to stay healthy? Will they have long-term problems with their muscles, which also need a regular source of calcium to maintain good muscle growth from the normal deterioration which comes from use? And calcium isn’t the only necessary nutrient that comes from milk; vitamin B12 and A can also be found in good quantities in milk.

It turns out, most dairy will supply these needs. So many people might not drink milk, but will regularly consume yogurt and cheese. Ice cream, however, has not normally been a commonly known source of these dairy nutrients. Can it fill the gap, even though it’s loaded with sugar and fat?

Ice cream, gram for gram, has less calcium than yogurt. In fact, it’s a one-sixth less. And eating enough ice cream to cover the shortfall will subject you to the extra calories that come with eating an energy rich food such as ice cream. Ice cream can be a tasty supplement, but should not replace healthier dairy options.

Key Points:

  • 1Calcium is vital to humans in a variety of areas aside from the highly known skeletal health benefits.
  • 2Ice cream does contain a small amount of calcium but yogurt has more calcium and is a better choice.
  • 3Because ice cream is so calorie dense, it should be enjoyed in moderation.

The dairy and alternatives food group comprises of milk, yoghurt and cheese – unfortunately, ice cream isn’t part of this core food group.

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