Student Survives Mostly on 150 Bananas a Week, as Part of “Fruitarian” Diet

This article discusses and highlights one persons desire and belief in eating a simple, clean and entirely fruit based diet as a way to optimize his health and have a clean body. Eating up to 150 bananas a week and mixing in spinach, berries and other vegetables, a man from England feels that he has more energy, is feeling better all around and his acne has improved. This sort of raw only diet is not only concerning to nutritionists but they say that he is missing vital and needed nutrients as well as diversity. The problem is that while there are good nutrients being consumed other things such as proteins, fats and other things are not being consumed. One’s body needs these other things, even in small quantities, to function and process things properly. It is problematic and dangerous to totally isolate your calorie consumption into a few simple foods and categories. This can not only result in a lack of nutriets but it prevents your body from functioning properly and allowing you to get the needed extra benefits of other foods. Calories need to come from a far wider group than are being consumed by this individual and it can be dangerous.

Key Points:

  • 1There is a new story involving bananas that is attracting attention. A student lives off of about 150 bananas per week.
  • 2Bananas are part of a new fruit oriented diet plan. The student has survived based off of the banana diet for some time.
  • 3That diet is attracting attention from several corners in the media.

The Bristol-based fruitarian consumes up to 150 bananas per week, so he always a supply of them at home.

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