Supplements for Nursing Mothers

A woman’s body is seriously affected by childbirth and pregnancy. While a natural process, it can also result in deficiencies. With a breastfeeding newborn, these issues can affect more than just mom; baby can be impacted as well. To help counter the risk, some mothers may benefit by taking vitamin and nutritional supplements.

During breastfeeding, many women experience an increased appetite due to the higher levels of needed calories to sustain milk production. Along with the need for more calories comes a need for certain nutrients. Lactation calls for higher intakes of both vitamin D and iodine, which are integrally involved in milk production. Iodine especially is critical, as it is essential to the thyroid gland’s normal function. Without normal thyroid function, hormonal balances cannot be maintained in the correct level, and that can impact breastfeeding. And vitamin D is crucial to good health of bones due to how it affects calcium absorbtion.

Nutritionally supplements may also be needed to maintain other elements as well. Iron is necessary to help the mother’s body replace any blood loss that might have occurred during childbirth. New mothers sometimes have a calcium deficiency, and bringing the level of both back up to normal is essential to good health. By focusing on her health, a new mom can ensure the health of her child is also protected.

Key Points:

  • 1Pregnancy and childbirth can create nutritional deficits in women that can impact both their health and that of their newborn.
  • 2Breastfeeding also creates nutritional needs that must be addressed to ensure good health for mother and child.
  • 3Key for breastfeeding moms is to ensure vitamin D, iodine, and calcium levels are all sufficient.

Appropriate diet should be extremely important for women, not only during pregnancy, but also afterward, when food is produced.

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