Vitamin B6 helps the body maintain healthy blood vessels, it helps to support brain function, it can help to improve your mood, helps in the treatment of anemia, it can help protect your eyes from diseases and disorders, it lessens the impact of rheumatoid arthritis in adults, it can help to treat high blood pressure, relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, as well as decreases nausea during pregnancy, regulate your sleep cycle, and lessen the effects of asthma and kidney stones; truly a versatile and useful vitamin.

When the human body is without vitamin B6, symptoms such as mood swings, anxiety, depression, confusion, muscle pains, fatigue or low energy, worsened PMS or anemia are frequently observed.

One can prevent a vitamin B6 deficiency by taking a 1.3 milligram supplement daily if under the age of fifty, while people over the age of fifty should take a supplement upwards of 1.7 milligram daily.

Vitamin B6 helps the body function and assists in energy usage and metabolism, muscle usage, as well as memory and nervous system health; when the body is deficient in this essential vitamin, it can cause serious health and activity issues.

There are some medications and conditions that can react negatively to vitamin B6, so a doctor should be consulted as with all things, but vitamin B6 has proved its usefulness for many patients.

Key Points:

  • 1How getting nutrients from food sources might be better than vitamin alternatives.
  • 2Vitamin supplements might not be the best way to get your nutrients see how food sources work better.
  • 3Find out what certain B vitamins are good for, when to take them, and what is best.

While taking B vitamins supplements can be helpful for some people, it’s always best to get your nutrients from real food sources.


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  1. Jen

    What foods are good sources of B6?

  2. Kim

    Take a pill? Not one word about which food sources have the best supply?

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