The Risks of Fish Oil Supplements

The Risks of Fish Oil Supplements

Long thought of as a miracle fat, the Omega 3 oils common in fish might not be the panacea of medical wonder as many of us think. Some research has been put forward that claims Omega 3 oils carry a host of medical risks, including possible cancer of certain types. But further investigation into many of these claims revealed most of them were orchestrated by nefarious individuals who had financial incentive to suppress Omega 3 products in favor of other nutritional supplements they were promoting.

Still, not all the bad faith claims were without merit. Even allowing for the desire of some of the sources to encourage consumers to shy from the fish oil products and turn to other products. There does seem to be some sort of link between Omega 3 oil consumption and an increased level of prostate cancer risk.

Medical researchers think there might be a correlation in the pollution levels fish are often exposed to. These pollutants can be absorbed into the oil, and then find their way into humans when we consume either the fish directly, or indirectly after the fish have been processed into an Omega 3 supplement. Support for this theory is found by looking at vegans who don’t consume fish; their prostate cancer markers are much lower.

Key Points:

  • 1Fish oil has great links to heart health in many studies and is even available via prescription.
  • 2While it decreases heart related issues it is strongly linked to some cancers.
  • 3There are no links to it helping with arrhythmia and other problems like that.

Vegans have been tested, and they were found to be significantly less polluted than omnivores of the PCB linked to prostate cancer.

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