This Sugar Swap Could Be Your Best Bet To Lose Weight, Science Says

This Sugar Swap Could Be Your Best Bet To Lose Weight, Science Says

Nearly two-thirds of Australians are obese or overweight. Sugar is the reason for many who find themselves in that category. Sugar is more prevalent than ever. By far, most of the sugar intake of Australians comes from sugar added to the foods they consume, and only a little comes from sugars that are already naturally present in their food.

Previous alternative sweeteners have been shunned by many consumers, for various reasons. And health experts have often placed both artificial sweeteners and sugar in the same category of bad. Newer thinking and research now suggests that replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners, like stevia, could help reduce the number of consumers who find themselves in the heaviest categories.

These products are called non-nutritive by some dietitians and researchers, because they have no calories that will go straight to the body’s weight. There is research that shows replacing sugar with substances that provide sweetness without calories does have a measurable impact on weight. Specifically, that it will help people lose it.

Some people might fear this new product could not be safe, but researchers say they have data to show it is. It would even help out in other ways, such as reducing dental problems. And diabetics are in for the best news; stevia and other artificial sweeteners don’t affect blood sugar levels.

Key Points:

  • 1The majority of sugar we take in, up to 90%, is an addition, such as in our coffee or desserts.
  • 2There are some studies that show a link between weight loss and substitution of sugar for sugar alternatives like stevia.
  • 3Stevia also has the added bonus of tasting like sugar but doesn’t give your blood sugar a spike like regular sugar.

While aspartame and sucralose have earned their spot in the bin, stevia, which is technically an extract from the stevia rebaudiana plant, offers up a natural, zero kilojoule option which has a much more potent flavour than sugar.

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