Using Ibuprofen for a Severe UTI Is a Bad Idea

Using Ibuprofen for a Severe UTI Is a Bad Idea

Ibuprofen is often prescribed to treat uncomplicated urinary tract infections.  Resent research shows that this may not be a good idea.  Physicians are worried about antibiotic resistance, needing stronger antibiotics to cure infections. Instead of prescribing antibiotics it was thought that ibuprofen could alleviatee UTI symptoms and your body would rid itself of the infection.  Those women being treated with ibuprofen alone are having complications.  Their symptoms are lasting longer and the primary infection can spread.

UTIs are becoming more common, in fact one in five women will contract a UTI in their life. Excess use of antibiotics, as noted in the trend previously, can make women more susceptible to UTIs and complications. Because of this, researchers have been scrambling to find a non antibiotic treatment.

Women with UTIs were treated with both antibiotics and ibuprofen. The results showed that the women taking ibuprofen recovered as much as three days slower than women on antibiotics. In addition, 12 of the women using ibuprofen contracted complications, and 4% got kidney infections.

Seek a doctor immediately if you are having painful urination, fever, back pain and nausea.

In conclusion, it is much more beneficial for women with UTIs to take antibiotics than ibuprofen for treatment.