Vilcacora (Cats Claw) Strengthens Immunity, Fights Viruses and Fungi, Promotes Cancer Treatment

A traditional medicine in Peru has become a very popular substance sold in America as a herbal treatment for problems with digestion, wound care, and joint pain such as with arthritis. Some are even using it for cancer.

Vilcacory was first studied by modern medicine in the 1970s, and has spread from South America across the Atlantic to Europe. Scientists from England and Germany, among others, have looked into the oxoindole alkaloid. The roots and bark of Vilcacor contains high levels of the alkaloid, which is known to be an immune system booster. Most of the beneficial properties of Vilcacory’s alkaloids are found in Isomer A. Treatment with Vilcacor has been shown to inhibit viral and bacterial growth, which is what causes many diseases as the microorganisms take hold and grow on or within our bodies. Since it affects the immune system so positively, modern treatments have turned to applying it to diseases such as cancer and even AIDS.

While research is ongoing, Vilcacora is known to be beneficial. It relieves pain, reduces inflammation in the joints, and acts against carcinogens that can prevent cancer cells from being able to grow and spread. When applied to wounds, it promotes healing, and can inhibit fungal and viral outbreaks.

Key Points:

  • 1Research into Vilcacora and its properties began in the 1970s in by scientists in England and Germany.
  • 2Vilcacora contains oxoindole alkaloids which boost the immune system, making it better able to fight against disease and illness.
  • 3Vilcacora has strong anti-inflammatory properties that are very helpful in providing relief to patients suffering from arthritis.

Vilcacora is commonly known in traditional Peruvian medicine. Heals from digestive ailments, arthritis, wounds, and even cancer. Today, it’s one of the most popular herbs sold in the USA.

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