Vitamin B12 Shots: Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects

The vitamin, B12, is an essential vitamin that plays a critical part in many of our body’s functions. Obtaining this vitamin generally comes from the consumption of high protein based foods such as fish and meats. However some people do suffer from deficiencies in this critical vitamin. People who have years of alcohol, smoking, and prescription medication may suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiency as well as elderly people, people with gastrointestinal or other disorders, or people with vegetarian related diets. This may require the person to want to look into getting a B12 shot injection.

A vitamin B12 shot is an injection which can help a person obtain the adequate amounts of B12 they need. It is a synthetic, man-made version of the nutrient that is readily available, through a doctor or a prescription, and can quickly boost the level of B12 in most adults. If a person is falls into one of the listed categories, or they are suffering from symptoms such as headache, fatigue, depression, vision changes, sore or swollen tongue, lightheadedness, mouth ulcers, or balance difficulties; they should see a doctor immediately and check their B12 levels.

There are some mild side effects to this shot however that include diarrhea, swelling sensation, cramps, pain at injection site. If you incur some serious issues such as breathing issues, vision changes, or slurred speech you need to see a doctor. There are also some issues with drugs that should be consulted as well.

B12 is a critical vitamin that helps your body, and if you are suffering from any deficiency in the vitamin, it is important that you see a doctor so as to help your body with the critical processes it helps to promote.

Key Points:

  • 1Vitamin B12 is very important for overall health, and is essential for the body.
  • 2It can be acquired through food, specifically animal products, but also through shots.
  • 3Low vitamin B12 is rare in most adults but can occur with certain lifestyles or health factors.

People who are unable to absorb vitamin B12 properly may have pernicious anemia, which is a type of anemia characterized by a lack of intrinsic factor.

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