Vitamin D Guidelines May Be Changed Following New Study

Vitamin D Guidelines May Be Changed Following New Study

A new study found that vitamin D-2 and D-3 do not provide the nutritional value that people assume they do. It’s a vital nutrient, allowing the body to absorb calcium and keep calcium and phosphate at normal levels that support bone growth.

Traditionally, vitamin D-2 and D-3 have been seen as doing the exact same thing and having the same properties, which researchers have now proven not true. Vitamin D-3, which comes from animal sources, was proven to be twice as effective at raising vitamin D levels in the body as vitamin D-2, which comes from plant sources.

Low vitamin D levels are linked to many conditions, including cardiovascular disease and cancer and because people are consuming less vitamin D than before – one study thinks that more than 40 percent of Americans are vitamin D deficient – the authors of the study are calling on authorities to rethink the official guidelines on consumption.

While many people assume that you get enough vitamin D from the sun, the natural source, it is not enough. Many people should consume more through their diets and the main discrepancy between peoples knowledge and their beliefs is education. Many people are simply not aware that they are deficient, which can be solved only through awareness and studies such as this one.

Key Points:

  • 1Vitamin D is an essential nutrient which aids in the absorption of calcium and helps maintain the body’s levels of calcium and phosphate.
  • 2Studies have shown that over 40% of Americans aren’t getting enough vitamin D and this lack of vitamin D has been described by some as pandemic.
  • 3Vitamin D-3 and vitamin D-2 have long been believed to be equal at raising vitamin D levels in the body but a recent study has shown vitamin D-3 to be 2 times more effective.

Low vitamin D levels have also been linked with a range of other conditions, including cardiovascular disease and cancer.
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