What Are Raspberry Ketones And How Do They Work?

Raspberry ketones are found in cranberries, blackberries, and red raspberries.   They are partly responsible for the taste and smell of these berries.   These particles are often pulled out of berries and used to make candy, soap and candles.

Recently research has been looking into raspberry ketones to see if they can help in weight loss.   Raspberry ketones are similar in molecular structure to capsaicin which gives chili peppers their spiciness.   Capsaicin has been suggested to help prevent weight gain.   Some studies are showing that ketones increase the breakdown of fat molecules in fatty cells.

Unfortunately there are no known reliable studies that can confirm beyond doubt that raspberry ketones are actually useful for weight loss in people as they have only been studies extensively in mice.   Overall, researchers feel that the raspberry ketones tested mice ate less, but the benefits of fat loss were no greater than if a low calorie diet was used. Researchers feel that in order to make any type of sufficient claims to weight loss reliability a large number of research participants would be needed. The research group would need to entail the use of a wide range of individuals from a range of both sex, and a wide variety of age groups.

Current health claims being researched: help decrease blood sugar levels, anti-aging affects, and weight loss.

Key Points:

  • 1Raspberry ketones are being studied to determine effects on human health.
  • 2Ketones may increase the breakdown of fat molecules in fatty cells.
  • 3More research needs to be done on raspberry ketones to determine if they can aid in weightloss.

In fruits there are only trace elements of raspberry ketones, therefore aromatic food with berries often takes advantage of raspberry ketones produced in laboratories.

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