What are the Healthiest Protein Powders?

What are the Healthiest Protein Powders?

This organic compound is an essential element of the human diet, along with fat and carbohydrates. Since it is the building material for muscles, fitness fans try to consume more of it. This explains the rise of a global industry, with producers of shakes and bars raking immense profits.

But is pulverized protein healthy? Naturally, dissolving it in a glass of milk is more convenient than cooking a dish with a protein content that occurs naturally. Check this muscle milk protein powder review to find out more details. In this article, we will delve into the science of sports nutrition to determine the most wholesome choice.


Not Just Fitness


These products are not bought by wellness enthusiasts only. People who eat on the go but still desire to have a healthy meal often opt for a shake. It is a convenient way to receive nutrients otherwise found in meat, poultry, fish, pulses, nuts, and seeds, dairy products, and some plants.

However, muscle boost is not the only favorable effect observed. The compound is also essential for the health of our bones, ligaments, skin and other tissues. Even the pH of your blood and its sugar balance depend on the same organic substance. It is indispensable.


The Issue with Sports Nutrition


Sadly, too many products on the market today are artificial and therefore potentially unhealthy. These types may still provide the protein content you need. However, they are also packed with infamous ingredients, such as artificial sweeteners, preservatives, added color, and the like.

Can such mixture qualify as healthy? Obviously, not, despite all the colorful marketing. This forms the rationale behind our selection of three most wholesome protein powders.


Natural Picks


  1. Naked Whey

As the brand name implies, this product is made of a single ingredient, so it is free of any undesirable and harmful additives. This type of compound is found in dairy products, and it is easily digested by most humans. Unsurprisingly, it is the most popular source of protein.

Each serving also contains countless amino acids. These boost the growth of muscle tissues and facilitate recovery. As a favorable side effect, you will also notice your appetite subside.

A single serving delivers 25 grams of protein into your system. There are pure and flavored variations. Use it with water, milk, smoothies, or juice.

The brand even claims to receive its raw material from cows fed with 100 percent grass on a Californian farm. No gluten or soy. Neither GMO or growth hormones are involved in the production.


  1. Legion Athletics

This is our best choice for casein powder. Also coming from grass-fed cattle, this time in Ireland, it has ver