What are the Safest Muscle Building Supplements?

What are the Safest Muscle Building Supplements?

Most muscle building supplements are a hoax and do not work as you would expect. If you are looking to gain muscles in the next two weeks with or without exercise, then what you need are illegal steroids that may not be safe for your body. However, if you exercise regularly, you will gain the most out of your efforts.

If you need to gain muscle, you must eat more calories than you are burning, ingest more proteins than you break during exercise and create an exercise program that challenges your muscles. Because the food we eat may not have enough calories or enough of all the nutrients needed, this is why bodybuilders need to supplement.

Most supplements highly advertised online do not work, those that promise you ripped body in a week or less are not safe for your body and the ones that work take time. Some of the safest supplements for body builders include:


Your body synthesizes creatine naturally. The substance is responsible for producing energy for your muscles and other body tissues. However, when you are a body builder, your body does not produce enough creatine for your muscles to push through a session of strenuous weight lifting. When you take a supplement, you increase your creatine content by up to 40 percent.

With increased creatine content in your body, your muscles will have more strength allowing you to engage in more challenging exercises. According to research, increased creatine leads to increases in muscle strength. You will have increased strength, which will lead to better performance during exercise and consequently increased gains.

However, creatine can lead to increase in muscles water content, creating a false impression of muscle gain.

Creatine also leads to an increase in hormones involved with growth. Coupled with good exercise, a surge in the production of these hormones will lead to more muscle gain.

Protein Powder

Proteins are essential for muscle and tissue repair after a session of strenuous exercise. Granted, you need to have enough proteins to facilitate the healing of muscles.

It is possible to get all the protein you need from the food you eat, but some people struggle to do so. If you are among those who struggle with protein foods, you should consider protein supplements. Whey, soy protein, and casein are some of the common supplements that are healthy for your body. There are many more supplements from eggs, chicken, beef, and other sources. Research shows that with extra protein, people who exercise are likely to gain more muscle.

However, protein supplements are only great for people who are not getting enough throug