What Does C60 Supplement Do for The Body? Here Are the Main Advantages

Carbon 60, abbreviated C60, is a tiny molecule containing 60 carbon atoms that resemble a buckyball. Due to how the C60 atoms bond together, they can easily react with free radicals in the environment, making them a powerful antioxidant. It also has tiny molecules making it possible for them to reach every component of the body. Due to its properties, it has attracted attention in the natural health world.


Here are the main advantages of C60:

  • Promotes longevity
  • Reduce and inflammation and arthritis symptoms
  •  Improves immune functions
  • Promotes longevity
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Promotes skin health


Research On C60 And Health

Even though the benefits of C60 were discovered a while back, its effects on human health are still being researched. The study is still in the initial stages. Most of the research has been carried out on animals. However, the research has also been carried out on a few humans.

Below is a summary of the current development of the C60 study carried out on both animals and human beings.

Skin Care

A 2010 research was carried out on 23 Japanese women. They used a skin cream containing C60 to see how it would improve skin wrinkles and roughness.

In 2011, the researchers developed a face gel containing C60, and they studied how it would react with acne. The gel was applied twice a day for eight weeks, and by the end of the period, the acne cases had reduced by 87.6%.

The researchers also conducted a study on mice. They observed that C60 could block ultraviolet radiation when applied on the skin and promote hair growth.

Inflammatory Conditions

In 2016, the researchers tested the effect of C60 on a rat with eczema to see if it could control the inflammation.

Cognitive Function

Rats were used in this study. It was carried out to determine if C60 could affect the learning and cognitive functions of the brain.

Muscle Fatigue

The study was carried out on rats. It was observed that C60 aided in reducing muscle fatigue and improving muscle endurance.

Cancer Treatment

Research conducted in 2020 on a rat showed the ability of the C60 derivatives to fight against tumor growth.


How C60 Can Work for The Body

C60 is an antioxidant. One outstanding property of antioxidants is their ability to give free radicals the electrons they need without becoming radicals themselves. This is due to their unique atomic structure.


How C60 Supplement Promotes Brain Function

C60 supplement helps in promoting the functions of the brain. They particularly help in improving learning abilities and memory. These C60 supplements contain fullerene particles that are responsible for the improvement of brain functions. These particles can cross the blood-brain barrier. This means that they are delivered directly to the brain cells.


How C60 Supports Immune System

According to research, C60 protects the body against bacterial infections and aids in quick recovery from the infections. Research further shows that C60 is toxic to the tumor cell. Therefore, according to this study, C60 can be used to fight against cancer. It can also help in the reduction of allergic reactions. These qualities will aid in the strengthening of the immune system that is not resistant.

C60 is also an effective antioxidant. An antioxidant is a compound that aids in the prevention of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress damages bodies at a microscopic level leading to early aging and other things. As a result, C60 aids in slowing down the aging process and supports the immune system to remain stronger for longer. This antioxidant also helps in improving the immune system by enhancing energy production that supports effective immune response.


Closing Remarks

Despite the study of C60 being at its early stages, it has become a breakthrough in the world of natural health. It shows promise in extending one’s life and alleviates the pain of many ailments linked to the aging process.   The advantages of C60 appear to be linked to its role as a super-antioxidant with limitless power to neutralize free radical damage that triggers oxidative stress.

However, before taking any C60 supplements, seek a doctor’s advice.



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