Why So Many Seniors Take Vitamins That Don’t Really Help Them

Why So Many Seniors Take Vitamins That Don’t Really Help Them

Many of us, especially as we advance in age, reach for a daily vitamin and make sure to include it in our routines. Vitamins are big business in the United States. The industry generates billions of dollars in revenue for vitamin manufacturers and distributors every year, even for just the basic multi vitamins that can be found in every supermarket. Dietary supplements and specific vitamin products further bolster that number.

More than two thirds of all elderly Americans, those sixty five years of age or older, take a daily vitamin. Nearly a third of all in the same age bracket use four or more dietary supplement products each day. But there’s not a wealth of actual medical research to show they will bolster your chances of not succumbing to the kinds of chronic diseases most assume the daily pill will ward off.

While it is true, and backed up by real medicine, that vitamins and minerals are a necessary component of every healthy diet, the vitamin industry has taken advantage of some wiggle room in most of our perceptions. The vitamin products are not panaceas, but merely a supplement to other healthy practices. They can provide a necessary boost to a diet that might otherwise be unhealthy, but the vitamins must work with good overall health practices such as exercise and managing risk factors to achieve the results many hope a simple pill will provide.

Key Points:

  • 1Many vitamin companies market their products to senior citizens often claiming to prevent or postpone some of the natural signs of aging, including cognitive functioning.
  • 2It is important to take vitamins for the correct reasons. Consider cutting down the number of pills taken, take those that are truly necessary.
  • 3Realize that vitamins are not a miracle cure, they will not cure current illnesses or natural signs of aging, but rather supplements to a healthy life style.

It’s tough to conclusively pin down the reasons for the vitamin dependency, but a trip to any pharmacy shows that numerous supplements are marketed to seniors.

See the original at: https://www.healthline.com/health-news/seniors-taking-vitamin-supplements

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