Why Weight Loss Coffee Is The New Biggest Instagram Scam

Why Weight Loss Coffee Is The New Biggest Instagram Scam

When it comes to weight loss, the market is huge. And social media has given those attempting to market and distribute any product or service that claims it can help in a quest to shed pounds and slim down a powerful new avenue to use. When it’s people you know, or maybe who are simply just familiar, you’re more likely to pay attention.

One of the latest making the rounds on phones and websites is what’s called skinny coffee. The drink says it can help you lose weight very quickly. How can someone tempted by the advertising copy be sure it will do what it says though? If something is an activity, such as an exercise program or a way of going about your life, that’s one thing. But when the product is something you consume, that you will be eating or drinking, it’s much more important to be certain it’s safe.

The truth is, caffeine can help suppress appetite. Most stimulants will. But they also carry side effects that you should be aware of, such as increased stress, sleep disruptions, and sometimes even physical damage to internal organs such as your liver. And that doesn’t even address what else might be in the skinny coffee, or other supplement saying it can get you to a weight loss goal.

Better to take the time honored advice from doctors; eat less and exercise more. And skip the skinny coffee.

Key Points:

  • 1Beware of products like this coffee drink that offer a quick fix to weight loss.
  • 2This product can produce other unfavorable side effects like ups